You’re starting to be sustainable. You’re experiencing and enjoying the outdoors. You’re getting productive. You’re rotating those wheels just like it’s nobody’s business. Then again, have you ever find your ownself biking all around a city, feeling as if you simply don’t belong? Awkward, out of place, and white knuckled in the fear of being hit by a truck?

Fear not! This isn’t the way it needs to be.

Such cities appear excitedly at the obvious social, financial, health, and ecological advantages to be had coming from biking in the masses. Coming from specified “bicycle only” paths, to bicycle laws, to totally free bike rides, there are lots of cities which know the way it’s done. Just below, I’ll reveal to you the five best of the best cycling cities!


In Denmark’s capital city, 36 % of individuals traveling to school or work on a typical day are on a bike, based on government statistics.

It is no wonder the Danish town is a veritable paradise for bikers, which includes greater than 180 miles of bike paths as well as lanes, traffic signals particularly for bicyclists, and bicycle parking once you go into downtown.

Portland, OR

Being the only huge U.S. city to get the League of American Bicyclists’ top rating, Portland heads the residential charge to put two-wheel vehicles on par with car travel. Best parts in the Pacific Northwest enclave include 270 miles of on-street bike lanes as well as paved paths; numerous warning signs for cyclists driving their way; lock-up corrals for parking around the city; and mandates which provide rewards for designers ready to offer showers as well as locker rooms just for bike commuters.


On the three-mile distance of downtown Munich, you’ll travel around “much more fast and flexibly using a bike compared to some other way of transport.”

That’s based on the city of Munich, in which dedicated paths, bike traffic signals, as well as numerous miles of marked tracks develop a new kind of city infrastructure. The city offers comprehensive bike-route diagrams and biking roadmaps for tourists in search of scenery.


In excess of 3 million Québécois name the greater Montreal area home, such as untold millions of dedicated bikers. You can find numerous miles of bike tracks and paths around the city, such as a paved recreation path linking Old Montreal along with the community of Lachine.


Western Australia’s capital is laced with countless miles of paths, bicycle lanes, as well as bicycle-friendly streets. Certainly, the Perth Bicycle Network is recognized as “among the most extensive and state-of-the-art cycling networks on earth,” based on the state’s Department for Planning and Infrastructure, that provides routes from the suburbs to the city. Some other Perth features consist of closed bicycle parking in train stops; bicycle lockers downtown; and signs in order to keep riders from losing their way in the lengthy trails Down Under.

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